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        Innovation is the driving force for cold rolling machine move forward, is to cold rolling machine development

        [ Time:2014-11-06 Click:2217 ]

          With the development of reform and opening-up, China's aluminum processing equipmentindustry has also been a good development, and has shown good development trend, product sales income and other indicators of straight up. However, with the changes of the times, the progress of the society, the consciousness of people is also more and more high. This requiresinnovative research and development of new equipment industry aluminum processing equipment constantly, prepare to meet the market demand, the use of automation equipmentnot only can reduce the labor cost but also improve the production speed and the precision of the product, so conducive to long-term development of enterprises.

          Many companies are actively formulate the related policy, the improvement of equipment, seek the development way. In the face of the huge market so gratifying, the domestic cold-rolledmachine manufacturers are very glad, fall over each other's development, but in gladnessbehind, we also have to face some practical problems. Although industry of China aluminumprocessing equipment has a huge space for development, but its development is not very ideal,has come to a standstill for the phenomenon, this is also a puzzle. What is the reason forrestricting the development of the industry of aluminum processing equipment? Now for theenterprise, no innovation will be eliminated by the society, and for the industry aluminumprocessing equipment, innovation is also important.

          From the development of the whole industry and the market demand, backward technology,obsolete equipment are restricting the development of enterprises, many companies arereplacing cold rolling mill products in the attempt, but many are just on the basis of original equipment improved, can be said to be a change in form but not in refueling, did not go to theinnovation and development, the lack of high-end application technology. Now the overall technical level of cold rolling machine, many enterprises are still not standard, making out the leading equipment, can not meet the market demand, and no perfect development plan within the industry, the government lacks the macroscopic regulation and the development of the domestic cold-rolled machine is relatively backward. Compared with the developed countries of China's lack of many advanced technologies, such as: equipment network, green, flexible and intelligent characteristic, properties of these high-end equipment of cold rolling mill in China isnot to show up, so we should pay attention to the application of science and technology,constantly launched to meet the advanced equipment market.

          The domestic cold-rolled machine enterprises because of the lack of high-end technology, somany products are imported from abroad, while doing so greatly accelerate the developmentspeed of Chinese industry, reduced our country industry and the development of the country'sgap, high-end technology and technical equipment but over reliance on foreign dependence on foreign, is not conducive to improving the overall China aluminum processing equipment industry technical level, is not conducive to the development of their own intellectual property rights, is not conducive to the cultivation of its own professional designers, so we shouldstrengthen the investment in science and technology, to prevent excessive reliance on foreign advanced technology, strengthen independent innovation. Furthermore, the lack of professional talents of high technology industry in China aluminum processing equipment, scientific researchis not enough, it is not conducive to the development of new products, many enterprises mainly to sales, the lack of scientific research institutions, can't put the technology into productivity, soshould also cultivate a large number of scientific research personnel, the establishment ofspecialized research institutions, strengthen product innovation competence. Thus, long-termdevelopment of the industry of aluminum processing equipment or break the rules, but alsoinseparable from innovation.

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