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        The vertical plate horizontal casting and rolling mill

        Release time:2014-11-06

          The vertical plate horizontal casting and rolling mill

          The level of cast rolling machine at the start of casting with guide plate will solidification of cast rolling plate out, no running slag. Before releasing, casting and rolling mill outlet side on the leadplate, put a small piece of mat in front of two ear tip seal is good, and ready to 3-5 fast dryingfiber felt, with slight leakage in vertical plate process of aluminum for blocking. Open the shed eye, entrance side note fluid buoy pipe, flow control, and detection of melt temperature front boxgroove; when the temperature reaches the requirement, started forward box for flow. Mill startedwhen the aluminum water over the front box outlet along the began to enter the mouth cavity,and make the roller is rotated at a low speed, and pay attention to changes in the host current,highly liquid level at the inlet side of personnel to control a good front box. From the start to seein casting rolling mill about 30-40s. As a result of cast rolling plate leads to top plate, the export side personnel should timely take lead in slow speed, the host, when casting board is more than 1m, for spraying, in a week after a slow start to pass into the cooling water. Adjustment plate thickness, shear plate head, the plate to the coiling machine coiler.

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