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        Analysis of the composition and structure of coil reeling machine

        Release time:2014-11-06

          Analysis of the composition and structure of coil reeling machine

          Coiling machine is mainly composed of a drum, expansion oil cylinder, rotary joint andtransmission system. Driving system consists of motor, brake, coupling and reducer form. Drumexpansion is generally achieved by expansion cylinder hydraulic control spool tail, but the rotary motion of the drum by the motor through the shaft coupling, a speed reducer drives the reel to rotate to realize. Drum rotation will be rolled sheet material, the use of the expansion and contraction of the drum roll material unloading, so as to realize the coiling and coil unloadingwork roll take machine.

          Drum is an important part of the coiler, the general has the following structure: solid form ofdrum type, chain type, segmental block radial hydraulic jaw closed, the fan-shaped block four pyramid type and expansion cone, the fan-shaped block eight pyramid etc At this stage the main application is of two kinds: the expansion cone and four pyramid type.

          1 solid web type: simple structure, high strength and stiffness, no jaw. Disadvantages: not easy to discharge coil rolling tension is too large, easy to produce plastic deformation. In recent years was controlled collapsible drum replaced, now often adopts a disc type double coil structure.

          The 2 chain plate: complex structure, poor rigidity, difficult manufacture, generally used fortension is not greater than 20KN - 50kN coiling machine.

          3 segmental block radial hydraulic jaw closed: drum has the advantages of compact structure,good actual use. Disadvantages: structural asymmetry. High speed winding when the poor dynamic balance, reel cylindricity bring tension fluctuation. Requirements of radial plunger seal design and the machining precision is high, easy to leak oil, affecting the strip surface quality.

          The 4 sector blocks eight pyramid closed: reel closed motor through rapid dismounting gear setarranged toothed coupling drive directly. Reel the expansion and contraction of not using rotating hydraulic cylinder and oil joint, three groups of spring but by hydraulic cylinder drivelever and drives a cam shifting fork, a driving link mechanism and contraction with the completion.

          5 four pyramid type: the main parts for the pyramid shaft and a sector plate, the pyramid axisbefore and after exercise work through the expansion cylinder pull, slope using the pyramid axisand sector plates cooperate with each other to achieve the purpose of swelling and shrinkage.This structure has the following advantages: the pyramid axis for the whole casting (or forging),its rigidity is relatively large, can bear large tension and gravity; has the advantages of simple structure, easy to connect the head movable support; lubrication, with the surface good dustproof effect. But the four pyramid also has its disadvantages: as the pyramid shaft as awhole, it has been doomed its high manufacturing cost, large processing difficulty; with the slope of the plane between the pyramid axis and the fan-shaped plate can not be too large, if tooleads to expansion and contraction of the cylinder stroke inclination increases.

          The 6 expansion cone type: the main part is a taper sleeve, a pull rod, a hollow shaft and asector plate, before and after the expansion cylinder pull rod movement, the draw rod to drive the cone sleeve to achieve expansion. Although the structure of seemingly complex, but its very low manufacturing cost, simple processing, is known as a false four pyramid. This structure is not easy to pick out the movable support, the general volume coiling when Jane are in cantilever state, so this form cannot bear too great tension and gravity. The expansion cone with bevel angle than four pyramid type, oil cylinder stroke is short, expanding range of large. So in the volume of heavy medium, tension is not the case, many enterprises have adopted this form of structure. In order to adapt to the development of modern economy, the factory will generallystructure equipment of low cost, short processing cycle selection in the production process ofpermitting, dilating cone type has become the preferred.

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