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        How about casting roll sleeve roll body correctly repair

        Release time:2014-11-06

          How about casting roll sleeve roll body correctly repair

          We will use the period from determination of the crack depth, crack identification, turning and other aspects were introduced how to roll sleeve of the roller body to carry on the correct repair.

          1 the use of period determination

          At present, because there is no good way to detect the crack depth, therefore, the use of the length of the period can only be based on experience, casting and rolling mill type, production ofalloy varieties and roll surface roughness to judge and determine. According to the theory, the correct use of time should be in the crack depth expanding to the 3mm before, beyond the scope will grinding roller surface, otherwise, it is easy to cause the roller sleeve burst.

          2 Identification of the crack depth

          In general, the crack opening, its depth than the crack or other micro cracks to some deep, andcrack width were bigger, so, accordingly, must find the longest roller surface circumferential crack and the width of crack, through these cracks can be determined, since most cuttingquantity, can use the method of magnetic particle inspection crack area.

          3 turning crack

         ?。?) in order to ensure the safety, turning the depth to add 0.5mm, in the crack depth androughness of the roll surface after turning can not be less than 6.3.

         ?。?) on the roller surface is carried out using the grinding wheel, grinding the surface roughnessto reach 0.8, can be contrasted with the standard block, also can be measured by surface roughness measuring instrument.

         ?。?) in turning is completed, still to magnetic particle inspection, to ensure that the micro crack sohave been eliminated, if there are micro cracks, it is still in need of turning. Note that for everyrepair, all should be recorded, and remember to save for future reference.

          4 other aspects

          Roller when in use, the upper and the lower rollers must be separated for use, should be placed in the appropriate position, absolutely not allowed to mix, more can't exchange the position. For the same to the operation of the machine, the upper and the lower rollers position is the same,while for the reverse operation of the machine, the upper and lower roller is to exchange the position, in this regard, we must pay attention to!

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